SmoKings is a Pretoria based Low and Slow meat smoking venture.

We are the SmoKings and we can smoke up a storm.

We smoke everything. We Specialize in  Chicken and Beef Brisket. Vegetables also get to be baked and smoked before we serve it.

Our Chicken gets our Special dry rub to add flavour is added 12 hour prior to the minimum 6 hour bake and smoke.

Our winning Beef Brisket gets a special home-made dry rub. Rubbed 12 hours prior to a min 21 hour bake and smoke.

We are rigged to cater at Corporate Function, Weddings, Festivals, Bike Rally’s and more.

We serve wholesome food, nothing processed just real food.

All of our meat dishes gets a serving of our special freshly prepared Couscous, Bulgur Wheat, and Quinoa with mixed herbs and Olive oil.

Freshly baked and smoked vegetables, pumpkin, butternut, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, onions and garlic adds a healthy option and side dish.

Portions are well priced for all the time spend in the preparation off the food.

Low and Slow is the way we love to keep it, you will taste the love in the long preparation time taken to get the succulent meats on your plate.

Vegetarians love our Vegan options.

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